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Urban Helmets

We stock a wide range of Next Helmets and can order to your requirements from a wide range of leading Helmet brands.

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Big Jet Helmet

Made for the City. Engineered from the innovative design of the X.VILITUR - X.VILIBY is the new big jet version that has been designed for daily urban trips, as well as longer road trips.

Available in Plain, Streetgeist, Signature, Gent

From £249.99 to £359.99

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Nexx SX.100

Urban Helmet

Have you ever wished for the best of both worlds?

Motorcyclists demand helmets with high quality features but commonly they find themselves looking for solutions at the cheapest price, sometimes compromising their comfort and / or even their safety. SX.100 is NEXX ́s attempt to bring some of the top-notch features of a high-end street full face helmet down into a more price friendly model — the best of both worlds!

Available in SX.100 - Core, Gigabot, Enigma, Skyway

On Sale From £119.00

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Nexx SX.60

Jet Helmet

Fashionable and contemporary, the SX.60 range offers smart designs, suited to urban riding. Constructed from advanced polycarbonate thermo alloy resin technology, this wide series of. In-house designs combine compactness and functionality to get around town in comfort and style, with true protection.

Available in Vision Plus, Nova, Sienna, Eagle Rider, Jazzy, Cruise 2, Royale, Artizan

From £89.99 to £149.99

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